I am called Jaunte Marquise Rorls owner of Exclusive Kitten Breeders
Husband to Kenetris Wright Vietta
Father to Finston Netris Rorls 6 year old boy and Quiney Netris Rorls 8year old girl.

We are a small, home-based, holistic cattery, not intended for a mass reproduction of blue russian kittens located in Washington DC.

Breeding is our family’s love and passion thou my wife defines breeding as a necessity for to humans to help kingdom Animalia gain colonization and control over itself. (In my wife’s Kenetris Wright Vietta’s voice as definition of Breeding)

Below few Individual and Joint Awards/Honors Won by us and our kittens.

The Cat Fanciers Association(CFA)
1st Position Best Of Breed 2019
Russian Blue Female

Randolph Caldecott Medal
1st position 2time winner in a row 2015 and 2016 America’s Kitten Race Kansas.
Russian Blue Female

Cats Paradise Show
1st position cutest female kitten 2018
2nd position best outfit 2018
2nd position most social kitten 2018

The International Cat Association(TICA)
4time Winner
1st Position Best Kitten of the year 2020
Male Russian Kitten
1st Position Most Sociable Kitten 2020
Male Russian Kitten
1st Position Most Stubborn Kitten
Male Russian Kitten

Our cats are part of our family. They do not live a life of typical breeding cats.
Our goal is to breed truly hypoallergenic, healthy, beautiful cats with all the most unique physical and mental characteristics of the Russian Blue breed.

We are one of very few holistic catteries in the world, known for bringing up exceptionally healthy, resistant and – first and foremost – happy cats. We also pride ourselves in having a cat of World Champion parents.

Although the health is the most important for us, we also aim by a careful choice of parents to bring up kittens with beautiful color and density of the coat, fine silhouette and truly emerald fearless eyes.
We cooperate to this end with selected breeders throughout the world not only USA.

We take pride in the fact that our commitment and work results positively accurately not only health wise but also human/pet sociable and loving kittens.

We attach a great importance to proper socialization of cats. Our kittens are caressed from the first days of their live and spend with us all the time, accompanying us in all daily activities. Thus our kittens show an exceptional ease of establishing ties with humans and become their closest friends. We also help to select a suitably tempered kitten according to the expectations and needs of the new family.

The reproduction stress for our cats reduced in the the most possible way. They enjoy unrestricted freedom and comfortable lifestyles and are always and everywhere with us. They live a life like any beloved member of our family.
At the same time we teach them to live in a house where there are things that “must not be destroyed. We successfully instill the key rules and principles into the kittens from their birth on and grow to potty trained and self whipped.

We base our cattery on extensive and continually broadening knowledge. We study kittens health, nutrition, psychology and development. All our cats receive exclusively B.A.R.F. diet (Biologically Adequate Raw Food) prepared by us on the basis of fresh organic meat. They are naturally immunised and do not receive any chemical treatments. Their health is under supervision of a holistic veterinarian. We believe they will profit from it throughout their lives.
It is because of our love for these wonderful animals that we set ourselves these high standards. Accordingly, we have equally high standards with respect to those who wish to adopt a kitten from our cattery.

If you become a kitten owner, adopt a kitten or re home a from us “Exclusive Kitten Breeders” we would like to be of continuous advice, help and expertise to your family so your kitten grows adequately in good health condition.

We fell in love with the Russian Blue breed and the rest is history. We love being able to offer families these amazing cats while working to improve the breed.  Because of the active household environment they’re born into and loads of attention they get, our kittens are very adaptable and outgoing.